360 Sync Trial Version Notes

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360 Sync Trial Version Notes


Some of you may have noticed that we recently added 360 Sync to the BIM 360 App store, and you are interested in giving it a try. That's great! In this blog post, we will go over how to run & setup a Trial version of 360 Sync that you can test for yourself. And for those of you that maybe were unaware of it, we'll even show you how to navigate to find the Trial Version

Downloading the Trial: There are a couple of ways you can download the Trial version of 360 Sync. You can (1) goto our Downloads page & download it directly from Applied Software, or (2) you can find it through BIM 360. While in Docs or the new BIM 360, click on the little "9 circles" button on the top left portion of your browser & select Account Admin (as seen below). Next, click on the "Apps" button (circled in red, below). You should be able to find it pretty quickly from there - it looks just like the logo below.

Click on the Sync logo. It'll take you to our page in the App Store. You can learn more about 360 Sync there, and when you're ready, click the "Open" button (bright blue, on the left) & it will download the app. Unzip the file & install 360 Sync & you're ready to go!

360 Sync Trial Version Limitations: In lieu of a 30-day trial, we decided to give our users the ability to test 360 Sync out for themselves & see if they like it. But let's talk about a few of the limitations within the Trial Version of 360 Sync.

  1. You can create as many projects as you want.
  2. Trial mode is unlimited - you can test it for as long as you want.
  3. Glue & Vault integrations are disabled with the Trial Version of 360 Sync
  4. Rather than give a 30-day trial, we've limited what 360 Sync will download in Trial Mode.
    1. While in Trial Mode, 360 Sync will only upload, download or process 3 files per folder.
    2. 360 Sync will only go 3 folders deep into a folder structure
    3. There is no file size limit - it can upload/download/process a multi-gigabyte file (largest we've done is over 7GB!)

If you're happy with 360 Sync, contact us at Applied Software & we will get you setup with the full version!

We believe that when you try the Trial Version & confirm it works, you'll see the value in 360 Sync - it WILL SAVE YOU TIME because you won't have to manually upload files.