Buzzsaw Ending - Enter 360 Sync!

Michael Reuter

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We just recently learned that Buzzsaw is going to be discontinued in January 2019, so to set some of our clients minds at ease, we wanted to talk about a safe & relatively painless way to migrate your Buzzsaw data to another location using 360 Sync.

BuzzSawDownload BuzzSaw Download - Select & Right click on the folder or folders you want to download.

Step One: Download your files from Buzzsaw to your Desktop

Open up Buzzsaw & select the project or projects you want to download by right-clicking the root folder (if you want to copy all files) or by selecting the specific project folder (if you want to just copy a select few files). This should bring up an options menu (see image above). Select "Download."

Next, the Download menu should pop up. Choose the location you want your files to download to. Make sure that you click the box titled, "Include subfolders," to ensure that all of your intended files will download. Hit OK & let your files download. Reference the image below to see how we set it up:

BuzzSawFiles BuzzSaw File Location Setup

Step Two: Prepare your files for BIM 360 Docs

Once you've downloaded your files, you can then start thinking about what data you want to push to BIM 360 Docs & how you want to push it up. Keep in mind that the Plans folder & the Project Folder behave differently in BIM 360 Docs - the Plans folder acts more interactively, automatically extracting data from your files & creating hyperlinks, while the Project Files folder acts like a document library or repository.

BuzzSawToDocs Buzzsaw To BIM 360 Docs - Modify your Folder Structure to match up with BIM 360 Docs

Here's how we did it: We created 2 new folders & placed them into each Project folder (Plans & Project Files). Next, we reviewed our documents and determined that only the 05 Construction Documents folder needed to be placed in the Plans section, and everything else could be placed in the Project Files section.

If you're not sure where you want your files to go, it's perfectly safe to choose to simply place all files into the Project Files section in Docs.

Step 3: Setup 360 Sync from your Buzzsaw Files

BuzzSawtoSync Buzzsaw to 360 Sync

Once you've decided what files need to go where, you can then concentrate on setting up 360 Sync. 360 Sync should be pretty simple to setup because you've already divided your Buzzsaw files into Plans & Project Files folders. Simply navigate to the Plans folder on your computer and set it as your source location, and then choose the BIM 360 project as the source location. Do the same for the Project Files folders.

Continue doing this for all projects. Once you've completed mapping your files, save your Sync, create a launch shortcut, and double-click on it. Your files have been successfully migrated from Buzzsaw to BIM 360!