3ds Max 2016 Extension 1 - for Subscription users

Gabe Hernandez

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Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 Extension 1

Release Date: 2015-08-11
Extension 1 for Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2016 software offers added animation capabilities for Max Creation Graph (MCG), a new Creative Market shopping experience for 3D content, Geodesic Voxel Skinning and a new high end 3D text tool. On top of all this, for the first time ever 3ds Max will directly link to a powerful gaming engine, Autodesk's newly launched Stingray engine. This unprecedented level of interoperability between 3ds Max and the Stingray engine allows you to quickly see all of your 3D work and scenes in the context of the real-time 3D environment.

To get the extensions, go to your Autodesk Account and sign in. Click on Product Enhancements and it should be the first in the list. The extension also came up in my Autodesk Application Manager