3rd Party Updater? What's that?

Matt Dillon

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For some time now I've noticed a disturbing message that appears any time I turn on the Sun Path in a 3D view in Revit. It references a mysterious 3rd Party Updater for the "Sun and Shadow Settings Updater" and indicates that it had to be cancelled. You have two options when this appears - cancel showing the Sun Path (not an option) or disable the Updater.

I've always just clicked "Disable Updater", but I've also wondered if I was causing some sort of problem down the road, even though it appeared as though nothing was wrong afterwards.

Good news - this morning I was getting caught up on some forum posts and came across this thread, in which several users are complaining about the same message. Turns out, it's benign. It's apparently caused by the Dynamo add-in. You can just disable the updater with no ill effects. It's easy to confirm for yourself - Launch Revit and turn on the Sun Path. If you get the error message, shut Revit down, then launch again. Before turning on the Sun Path, launch Dynamo, then close Dynamo. Now turn on the Sun Path - no error message.

But... again... it's easier to just push the "Disable Updater" button. And I'm all about easy...