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Carol Dunn

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Maybe the technology aspect of your job started out as more of a “3-hour tour,” and now you feel a little like Gilligan stranded on an island of technology with no way to get rescued that doesn’t include making you look like an idiot. If that’s the case, your rescue boat is here, and it’s Applied Software.

Applied Software is the best kind of adventure – one with a happy ending for you. The Applied mission is to empower clients, champion innovation and transform industries. Whether you need training for your staff, advice from seasoned experts, technical assistance with a problem, or just to stay informed on your industry, it’s Applied to the rescue. Applied can help you and your staff become stronger and more competent at using the technology that your industry revolves around.

Custom Development / Integration

The ability to customize technology is a gift. Some people have it; some don’t. If you don’t have it or don’t have the time, then entrust it to the people who do. Applied can make technology work better for your individual circumstances, making you and your staff look good on every project.

It may sound complicated, but it’s not. Over the past generation in business, we’ve found that some services just naturally go together. Get up to speed and hit the beach running with the “Up and Ready” package. Or, schedule a peer review. Enlist a feasibility study. Get mentoring and custom templates. Better yet, go all in with SMART Implementation (configuration styles template, a trained team, plus a bank of consulting hours for pilot project coaching and mentoring). Your design team will shine as bright as the dozens of gowns that actress Ginger Grant took along for a “3-hour tour.”

If you can figure out a way to get your users trained with the least amount of downtime, you’ll be saving your firm from taking a hit on productivity. That’s what LiveLab Learning can do for you. Real training with live instructors at your desk. It’s interactive, effective and efficient – like Mary Ann, who, with only island-grown ingredients, managed to assemble a cookbook of dishes prepared for the castaways. In addition to LiveLab, Applied also has in-person and custom training options; one is sure to suit your situation.

No one in the world can duplicate the Applied Unlimited Remote Technical Service agreement (URTSA), which covers all of your Autodesk software questions and issues. It’s not free – but as we’ve all learned the hard way, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. URTSA takes into consideration whether you’re a small operation (like the Skipper) or a multi-million-dollar organization (like Mr. Howell).

Talk about a big bonus . . . CADLearning resources are the fastest and most convenient way to work your way through the ins and outs of your software on your own time at your own workstation. With over 30,000 videos on 50+ software packages at your fingertips, you may never get stuck on a how-to problem at crunch time again. And this incredible resource, worth about $468/year per person enrolled, is an added benefit to you for choosing Applied. An ingenious and logical use of time and resources that any professor would be proud of.

The Applied blogs are a source of information about the ever-changing technology of your industry. If you want to be more knowledgeable and informed about your industry, check out the blog posts. There are versions for the AEC industry, manufacturing, MEP, fabrication and construction.

Many of our customers consider the Applied Software webinars as mini-training classes that they don’t have to pay extra for. Maybe one of them will spur your inventiveness for ways to improve your firm’s bottom line, and that never hurts. (As Mrs. Howell might say, “A dollar saved is one you can spend another day, dear.”)

Expert Resources

Applied chooses its staff, including sales advisors, with an emphasis on their real-world industry experience. In this way, we can relate to you on your level. Our technicians have worked in manufacturing, architecture, construction, engineering, fabrication, plumbing, infrastructure, and GIS. We also have class instructors who are registered architects and engineers. It’s like a dream (team) come true.

If you’re ready to learn more about how the Applied Software rescue boat can benefit your firm’s use of technology and improve your image at the same time, sign up for the next Applied “Get Connected” webinar with Michael Baker.

Get ready for your ship to come in.

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