Access Inventor From Home Using Autodesk Remot

Dave Morse

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So, you have purchased one of the Product Design Suites, and even got on Subscription. You are on top of the world!  Have you found it a little overwhelming trying to figure out what all the benefits are and how exactly, they are going to "benefit" you?  Well, I thought I would help you by showcasing a little app that I think is super beneficial, no matter which software you use, and that is Autodesk Remote.

Gone are the days when you had to go to the office to finish some work that was left undone.  Even better, gone are the days of having to pay some company a monthly fee to be able to access your office PC from home... for a fee!

Autodesk Remote is a stand-alone app found on the Autodesk Exchange App website that allows you to remote in to your office CAD Workstation and use your CAD application.  This app is only available to subscription customers and is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.  First, you need to go to the Autodesk Exchange App website at  Once there, click on the big blue button to select your product store.

You are then routed to the Autodesk Inventor App Store.  In the Featured Apps, you will see Autodesk Remote, click on that product.

You will need to install the app on both your office PC and on your home PC or on your iPad.  Once downloaded and installed on your office PC, you will need to make sure that Remote Access is turned On.

You can click on settings to setup shortcut keys for your iPad.

On your home PC, go through the same download and install. You will again need to login with your subscription ID and password.  This time, select the Connect tab on the Autodesk Remote App and select the Resolution on Connection drop down.  Best Fit should work. Then click on the Connect button.

You will then be connected to your PC at work and will be able to access your Inventor and other CAD applications, and even your Microsoft Office programs... for free!  Please use responsibly, you do need to sleep... sometime.