Activate Dimensions

Mike Massey

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Have you ever had something selected in Revit and the temporary dimensions did not display?  Revit will typically always display the temporary dimensions when an item is selected inside of Revit.  The temporary dimension can be modified to move the item that is selected.  This works fairly well to quickly modify the dimensions just by clicking on what you want to move and then clicking on the dimension number to modify the value.

The default settings are to dimension to the center of the walls.  This can be changed to Face of Wall or Face of Core in the settings on the Manage tab. 

You can also grab the blue grip and drag it to the desired location if it is not dimensioning to what you are wanting it to dimension to.  If you just click on the blue grip it will cycle through dimensioning to the center, face of wall, or opposite face of wall.

If you select on multiple items in the model, the temporary dimensions will not automatically appear.  This is when you will need to click on the Activate Dimensions button on the Options Bar.

Once the dimensions are activated, and value changes will move all items selected.  This is a great way of modifying multiple items at once.

So the next time you are trying to move multiple items try the Activate Dimension button!