Activating Autodesk Entitlement Products

Jason Porter

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First off. . .what is an entitlement product?  

These are the products such as Recap Pro, Infraworks, BIM 360 Design, BIM 360 Docs, Green Building Design, Revit Live, Insight, Fusion 360, Simulation for Fusion 360, Formit, and Cloud Rendering.  These products require access to the internet and, for some actions, cloud credits. 

Entitlement products don’t get activated as your other Autodesk software does.  They require user login credentials to activate and run the software.  Regardless of whether users have multi-user (network) software or single-user (standalone) software, a user account must be created by the company’s account manager and the software must then be assigned to specific users.  For more information on how to create user accounts and assign software read this:  Managing Autodesk Desktop Subscription (TERM) Licenses

Let’s take a look at an example.  We’ll use Recap Pro in our example but the process is similar for all entitlement software.  To activate Recap Pro . . .

  1. The company account manager must first create the user account. We have found that some users have created their own Autodesk accounts for other purposes such as access of Bing imagery but those accounts are tied to the individual and not the company therefore, unless the individual purchases a license of Recap Pro under that login he/she cannot activate Recap Pro. 
  2. The user logs into to his/her account and downloads Recap Pro.
  3. The user launches Recap Pro (or what he/she believes to be Recap Pro). The user is actually launching Recap.  Recap only converts to Recap Pro after a user logs into the software. 

You can also read more about it here:  Recap vs. Recap Pro

Here are some screen captures of the process... 

Entitlement 02

Entitlement 03

Entitlement 06

In some cases, the activation is slightly different.  Take this for example, I’ve had several users download Recap Pro, but even they were signed it they still only saw Recap.  It wasn’t until they actually started a project that they saw this that they were able to convert Recap to Recap Pro. . .

Entitlement 07Entitlement 08Entitlement 09Entitlement 10Entitlement 11