Advantages To Creating Unique User Login

Lyle Janda

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The out of the box Fabrication Software is not setup with Usernames and Permissions. If you are sharing a database between 2 or more users, Usernames and Permissions are a must. Here are some of the advantages for setting up Usernames and Permissions.

  • If you have more than 2 Users using a shared database, it’s important that there is only one user that has the ability to make edits to the entire database. This user is typically the database manager. It’s a good rule of thumb that the database manager is set up with Enforce Single Login checked and given a password. This will ensure that only the database manager can login without anyone else making changes while there in the database.
  • This will reduce mistakes like overwriting the database and making faulty changes that will affect all users.
  • It is good practice to setup an Administrator account ie: Usermane:admin Password: admin. That way the manger of the estimating department, CAD department or CAM department can log on to make necessary changes to the database.
  • For all other users it is good practice to create unique usernames for each user ie: Username: MattD Password: (only known by MattD). This is beneficial when running reports so that the name of the user will appear on the report.

  • Simply add a header or footer to the report and add the print object of Current User Description. This will report out the username that is currently logged in.

    • Here's a link that will direct you to a support document provided by Autodesk located on their Autodesk Fabrication Products Services and Support Page. This will walk you through step by step on how to create user permissions within Autodesk Fabrication.