AIDA - Analyze your installation errors in 30

Dave Morse

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One of my capacities (along with all of our technical specialists) here at Applied Software, is to help our clients with technical support for their Autodesk Software.  One of the most frequent issues we help to solve are installation errors.  With the myriad of OS and other software installs and configurations, coupled with the different approaches of security by IT departments and contractors, the installation support topics are widely varied, and can be very unique.  One of the more time consuming tasks is tracking down the root causes through the manual analyzing of the installation log files.

In a recent case, I discovered a new tool distributed by Autodesk, which is purpose built to automatically analyze installation log files in 30 seconds or less, and provide a suggested solution.  How awesome!  This tool can be used by those of you who like to take on the challenge of solving these errors yourselves, or you may be asked to run the analysis and provide the results to one of our technical specialists.  In either case, I've provided the link below to the original article I found, which provides instructions on how to download, install and use the AIDA utility.

One of the benefits that may not be immediately obvious (in using this tool) is that the information from the analysis could be beneficial to your IT department in making necessary system tweaks to minimize or eliminate these errors in the future.