Alignment Label – Station Offset with Elevation

Jason Porter

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User contacted me today with the desire to have an alignment label that provided him a station, offset, and elevation.  He couldn't find one in out-of-the-box list nor did he know how to create one because there is no surface elevation in the list of alignment label options.

Oh, but there is! ! !  !

First, create a station offset label.  In this example I copied the Station Offset label created one and named it “Station-Offset-Elevation”:

As you can see, though, this label style is currently only composed of the marker and Station Offset components:

And in the contents of the label there is no option for surface elevation data:

So what we need to do is as a reference text:

Select surface when the option to select the type of reference dialog box opens:

Rename the reference text to “Elevation” and adjust your anchor components, anchor points, and attachments for this and the station offset components:

Modify the contents of the newly made elevation component:

There is now an option for surface elevation:

When you add the label, you need to follow the prompts at the command line.  If you want an exact station and offset, which I assume you do, you’ll need to use the station offset transparent command. However, once it’s inserted you can always copy and move the label and it will automatically update.  But when it’s all said and done you’ll have a station and offset label with an elevation: