Document Sets Now Available in BIM360 Docs

Clinton Cook

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BIM360 Docs now has the ability to manage Document Sets. When you upload a document pay close attention in the dialog box there is an option to specify a set. This is where you will define what set…

BIM360 Classic Field App for iPhone

Clinton Cook

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Autodesk has just released an iPhone app for classic field. It allows classic field users to access both checklists and issues from their iPhone. I guess we can all be thankful for the iPhone app…

Construction Tech for Elevators

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ThyssenKrupp has released a new elevator system which operates without any cables,  has the ability to have multiple cars in one shaft and can now travel horizontally as well as vertically. This…

Autodesk Offers Cloud Based Workflow Software

Clinton Cook

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Autodesk is beginning to promote a new free offering called Praxis. Praxis is similar to Microsoft Visio for workflow mapping with the exception that Praxis is currently being offered for free and it…

BIM 360 Docs Releases New Version of iOS app

Clinton Cook

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BIM 360 Docs just released its latest version of their mobile application for iPhone and iPad.

Equipment Improvements in BIM360 Field

Clinton Cook

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A new release to BIM360 Field is has been much anticipated and seems to solve a lot of problems people have had in the past with tracking different equipment types. See the release notes here. 

Bluebeam Partnership with Microsoft

Clinton Cook

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Bluebeam partners with Microsoft to integrate the surface dial into their digital workflow. See the below video.

BIM 360 Field Daily Updates get a welcomed upd

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The BIM360 Field development team has been working hard on making improvements to the Daily Updates module over the last few months and it shows. They have added many new features that have been…

Adjusting Notification Settings in BIM360 Field

Clinton Cook

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Those of you who have been a BIM 360 Field administrator, understand that you have little control over the notifications that your subcontractors receive when first signing up for BIM 360 Field.…

BIM360 Docs and Google Play?

Clinton Cook

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Autodesk just recently released an Android version of BIM360 Docs to the Google Play store. This is a first product on the BIM360 Platform to release an Android version. I know many contractors have…