Fusion 360 - Copying, Moving, and Archiving

Dave Morse

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A360 keeps all of the file versions of your Fusion 360 designs, allowing you to recall or promote older versions to be the current working version. Did you know that you could save archive files to…

Scaling Models in Inventor 2016

Dave Morse

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One of the new features in Inventor 2016 is the ability to scale your models.  You might be wondering, why didn't Inventor have this ability prior to the 2016 release? Well, it does exist in prior…

Creating The AutoCAD Classic Workspace in Auto

Dave Morse

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I was asked by a student last week, what had happened to the AutoCAD Classic Workspace.  He was not a frequent user of AutoCAD, and had recently upgraded to 2016.  I informed him that the workspace…

What!? This Version of Application Manager Has Been Retired

Dave Morse

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Don't you just love surprises? I do (okay, so it really depends on what kind of surprise).  When I logged onto my laptop this morning, I was met with the all-to-familiar Autodesk Application Manager,…

What's Your Vault File Status?

Dave Morse

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With the recent release of Autodesk's 2016 product line, there has been quite a few enhancements and workflow improvements to Autodesk Inventor.  One of the most easily noticeable is the changes to…

Fusion 360 is Free to Subscribers

Dave Morse

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As of January 30th, 2015, all current Product Design Suite Subscribers are entitled to Autodesk Fusion 360 as part of their Subscription benefits.  If you've not had a chance to try out Fusion 360,…

Replace Your Face!

Dave Morse

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Have you ever had an irregular edge that you needed to extrude to, but couldn't figure out how to get Inventor to recognize it?  I had a customer recently contact me about how to do this very thing.…

The A360 File Viewer, Hot or Not?

Dave Morse

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Autodesk has released the A360 File Viewer, and at first I thought it was hot. I quickly jumped onto the site to test it out.  It currently accepts over 50 file formats, including AutoCAD, Revit and…

How to Remove the Units String in a Parts List

Dave Morse

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I recently had a client ask how to remove the Units String from the MASS column in his Parts List. He was working on his Inventor drawing template and wanted to be able to format the column so that…

Inventor Dimension Style Editing

Dave Morse

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I recently had a client asking how to make the inches marks (") show up in his dimension style in his Inventor drawings, and make his text larger. There's quite a bit of information involved in…

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