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No need to google it.  No, it isn’t a third party conversion program.  Nor is a magic spell cast by the Good Witch of the North required (no eye of a newt nor hair of a goat).  It is a relatively new…

Language(s) to learn for customizing AutoCAD

Dennis Howell

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I am going to state right up front, this is my personal opinion.  Subjective in all its glory.  With that said, if you want to customize AutoCAD, which language should you learn?  In a past blog…

“It’s About Time”, New Feature in AutoCAD 2018

Dennis Howell

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It has always frustrated me that in AutoCAD, when I wanted to select a group of entities, as soon as I Pan or Zoom to select more, the previous part of the selection window was lost.  Finally,…

Further cleaning beyond PURGE and AUDIT

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There are times when I have had to "go the extra mile" to get a drawing cleaned up.  I have a methodical sequence that I will go through when a drawing is being squirrely even after a -PURGE and…

Vaulting an Un-Vaulted Inventor Design

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Administrators of Vault can pack Inventor designs into Vault easily and in bulk via the Autoloader.  However, often times an Inventor user, who isn’t on the Admin list, has built an Inventor model or…

Is AutoCAD on the way out?

Dennis Howell

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Or, is AutoCAD still going to be around for a long while?  My guess, it will be around for quite a while.  While I cannot cite any specific declaration from Autodesk, reading between the lines can be…

Inventor Sketch Little Green Dot

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Assuredly and quite by accident, you have turned-off the little green dot that shows snapping in your Inventor sketch environment.  But now, how to get it back on?  The first thing to check is…

What is going wrong with AutoCAD Profiles?

Dennis Howell

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I have been seeing a plague hitting the AutoCAD world.  A plague of bad Profiles.  How in the world does a Profile go bad?  I am scratching my head on that one.  The symptoms, obviously things are…

Counting the ways to Draw a Line

Dennis Howell

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In training classes I am always saying there are 5 or more ways to access the command for " ".  The AutoCAD GUI has multiple redundancies for every command.  So, I thought, how many ways other than…

Inventor Task Scheduler stops working

Dennis Howell

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