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How to Save Data Storage Costs with Panzura and AWS Intelligent-Tiering

Douglas Dahlberg

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S3 Intelligent-Tiering is an Amazon S3 storage class that analyzes an Amazon Web Service user’s stored data and automatically moves it between storage tiers based on usage frequency. It is designed…

Panzura - Revit File Locking Demonstration

Douglas Dahlberg

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Watch how Panzura enables multi-site Revit collaboration.   This demonstration shows Revit users in three different locations.   Denver, Crawford and Atlanta.  All three users work collaboratively…

Panzura Multi-Office AutoCAD Demo

Douglas Dahlberg

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Panzura Freedom NAS filers easily enable collaboration between offices by presenting the same content in all your offices in real time. Panzura is file agnostic. Freedom NAS handles file locks from…

O365 is Sold Here!

Douglas Dahlberg

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Did you know that Applied Software also offers Office 365 and Azure products? Applied Software offers a wide selection of great products. One of my personal favorites are the Microsoft Office 365…

Bad Rabbit - Ransomware Outbreak

Douglas Dahlberg

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There is a worldwide outbreak of the Bad Rabbit Ransomware.   Below is an excellent article on what you need to know to protect yourself.   Read on and be safe.   

Security Alert - CCleaner Users Beware

Douglas Dahlberg

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CCLeaner  - Certain versions of the product made available between August 15,2017 and September 12, 2017 contained malware added by a hacker.   Please see attached article for more details.

Blueborne exposes Millions of devices

Douglas Dahlberg

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Armis labs revealed a new attack vector that exposes millions of devices that use bluetooth.  The attack is as close to actual airborne virus in the computer world that you can imagine.  This…

Panzura Goes Mobile!

Douglas Dahlberg

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Want to take control of your data and eliminate 3rd party file sharing products like Dropbox? Reduce the number of products you need to purchase, administer and coordinate? Want to access all your…

Panzura Cloud Storage: The Missing Piece to Vault for Manufacturing

Douglas Dahlberg

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Calling all IT Managers and Directors! Don’t miss this upcoming webinar on pairing Vault data management with Panzura Cloud Storage.