Creating Design Line Symbols In Opus

Garrett Tice

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This video will display how to create symbols for use in design line, within OPUS. Using CADmep when placing a node onto the design line, a symbol appears indicating what item you placed as a node.

Managing Multiple Sheet Sizes with CAMduct

Garrett Tice

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I often see different companies with multiple locations utilizing one database. However, at those multiple locations they have different hardware available on the floor. An example would be Location…

Lost!!! Remote Entry Utility Bar

Garrett Tice

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This video will display the process of retrieving your lost utility bar inside of Fabrication Remote Entry. Unlike CAMduct or ESTmep, there is no easy way to retrieve it once it has been closed out…

Group By Option- Fabrication 2017

Garrett Tice

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This video will display the new Group by Option within Fabrication 2017, allowing you arrange the items within a job based off of certain criteria. Check it out and leave me your feedback!

Metal Cut Files Vs Liner Cut Files

Garrett Tice

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I am often asked the best way to distinguish which cut files are for liner tables vs which are for plasmas. This video will display my suggested setup inside of CAMduct to handle liner files vs metal…

Customizing Takeoff Information and Custom Data Per Item

Garrett Tice

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This video will demonstrate how to apply Custom Data and Takeoff Information directly to each individual piece if it differs from a standard:

End Draw Types and Connector Breakpoints

Garrett Tice

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Ever get fed up with connector breakpoints and what each line actually controls? Check out the diagram below with an explanation of each rectangular break-point line, and what they are actually…

What's the Difference?!

Garrett Tice

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Ever have inconsistencies within your BOM while spooling?These inconsistencies are typically caused by report setup and/or differences within the items being spooled. Check the video below to learn a…

Alternate Connectors and Seams

Garrett Tice

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Tired of having to lock connectors and seams onto your items? By utilizing alternate connectors and seams within your pressure files, you will be able to completely control how each fitting is…