BIM 360 Docs and Limiting Revit Sheets

Mark Petrucci

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What's the Difference Between BIM 360 Team and BIM 360 Glue?

Mark Petrucci

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Yesterday, I received the same question from two customers in different parts of the county. "What's the difference between BIM 360 Team and BIM 360 Glue?"

Autodesk Cloud Up or Down?

Mark Petrucci

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Trying to use an Autodesk Cloud Service and something not working as expected? Is it you? Is it your computer? Is it.... Autodesk? Click the following link and you will know for sure if it's Autodesk…

APL Points and Revit Columns

Mark Petrucci

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Autodesk Point Layout (APL) is a great program. I am confident when I say there is not a better point program on the market. However, it does do some funny things if you don’t have the correct…