How to Keep Your Job Using Revit (eBook)

Matt Dillon

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Copying Graphical Changes for Levels from One View to Another

Matt Dillon

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In today's installment of "Why did I never see that before" (which is really embarrassing, by the way)...

Deleting a Dimension Segment (Not a Witness Line) in Revit

Matt Dillon

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In today's installment of "I can't believe I didn't know this" or "I'm almost too embarrassed to post this, but just  in case someone else didn't know, I will." One of the things I love about…

3ds Max Interoperability for Revit Error

Matt Dillon

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A few weeks ago I posted about an issue that arises when 3ds Max 2018 is installed as a part of the Building Design Suite. The Arnold Renderer is not included in that install. It's completely missing…

Is Arnold Missing from 3DS Max?

Matt Dillon

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One of the major changes in 3ds Max 2018 is the removal of the NVIDIA mental ray rendering engine and the addition of the Arnold rendering engine.  However if you install 3ds Max 2018 as a part of a…

ASTI BIM Connect Now Available for Revit 2018

Matt Dillon

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A new version of Applied Software's BIM Connect, our powerful data export/import utility,  is now available for download. BIM Connect allows you to export object properties and data from your Revit…

Looking for mental ray in 3ds Max 2018?

Matt Dillon

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3ds Max 2018 includes the Arnold 5.0 rendering engine, along with the Advanced Ray Trace (ART) renderer, and no longer includes the legacy mental ray renderer that so many people have been using for…

Hunting the Elusive BIM 360 Trial Hub...

Matt Dillon

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The process to create a new BIM 360 Team hub and associate it with a subscription account is not difficult, but it is not well-documented. At least, the first step - creating a valid trial hub that…

Autodesk Design Review - 2018

Matt Dillon

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Until recently Autodesk has not developed their free DWFx/DWF viewer, Design Review, past the 2013 version. It was unfortunate, because it was a great viewer and markup tool for DWF and DWFx files.…

A360 Collaboration for Revit Irrecoverable Error

Matt Dillon

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I ran into a nasty issue with a customer the other day while helping them get set up on BIM 360 Team and A360 Collaboration for Revit. Once I had them set up, they began initiating collaboration on…

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