eVolve 2.0 - Deep Dive into System Conduit

Mike Massey

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One of the biggest new features in eVolve 2.0 is the addition of System Families.  With eVolve 2.0 users will be able to create level 400 models with the quickness and ease of modeling with System…

eVolve 2.0 - New Export Requisition Form

Mike Massey

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This tool will allow you to export your material schedules to Excel.  In previous versions of eVolve, the export had to be started while in the specific schedule that was going to be exported.  The…

eVolve 2.0 - New Tags and Schedules

Mike Massey

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New parameters and families have improved the use of tags and schedules in eVolve 2.0.  With the use of these new parameters, the need to manual dimension conduit runs has almost been eliminated. …

eVolve 2.0 - New Families

Mike Massey

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eVolve 2.0 has over 87 new or modified families.  This is the largest increase in content since the product was first created.  Most of the new content was added because of customers’ requests.  I…

C4R Desktop Connector - (The Fine Print)

Mike Massey

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The new Desktop Connector that works in conjunction with Collaboration for Revit allows users the ability to link in non-Revit files into the Collaboration for Revit model.  This was a huge added…

Advantages of Using the New Desktop Connector With C4R

Mike Massey

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Autodesk BIM 360 Team has added the Desktop Connector.  Desktop Connector is a desktop service that integrates Autodesk Team with your desktop folder and file structure for easy file management.

Activate Dimensions

Mike Massey

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Have you ever had something selected in Revit and the temporary dimensions did not display?  Revit will typically always display the temporary dimensions when an item is selected inside of Revit.…