AutoCAD 2017 is Here!

Jason Porter

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Of course, there are several exciting features released with this version of AutoCAD, and you can read about all of them in Autodesk’s AutoCAD 2017 Preview Guide. I will focus on the one’s that I believe are the most exciting and most relevant to you.

A simplified license manager. Have you ever installed AutoCAD as a standalone software or a trial and then needed to convert it to network software? Well, if you have then you already know that, historically, you had to uninstall the software and reinstall it as the type of software you need. It has always been a real pain. Now you simply install the software and when you launch it you are prompted for the type:

If you find you need to change the type of software from network to standalone, or vice versa, you use the Infocenter > Manage Licenses option to do so:

Several dialog boxes have been enhanced to allow the user to stretch them to better view the information within that box. These dialog boxes include:

  • Select File (when you OPEN, SAVE, SAVEAS, a drawing, or begin a NEW one)
  • Insert
  • Page Setup Manager
  • Object Grouping
  • Layer States Manager
  • Edit Attributes o Enhanced Block Editor
  • Layout Move or Copy
  • Drawing Properties

For all those surveyors and civil engineers in the United States. . . you finally got your US Survey Feet as option for your insertion scale units:

The TEXTEDIT command has been updatedo allow you to use a “multiple” option so when you’re done editing one set of text you can easily move onto the next set without having to exit the command:

Smooth migration of custom settings. Up to this point if you had any customization you had to make a list of what you needed to export. Yes, you could have use the “migrate custom settings” option when you first launched AutoCAD, but it didn’t bring everything across. Now you can choose what it is you’d like to migrate (user profiles, tool palettes, CUI’s, plot styles, templates, hatch patterns, linetypes to name a few):

PDF import enhancement!!!!!! Have you ever imported a PDF file and only to have to spend the time tracing the linework in AutoCAD or use Raster Design to reproduce the image you see? Very, very painful. Well, now you can import the geometry from a PDF directly into a drawing as AutoCAD objects. You can also insert TrueType text and raster images. And this can all be done from a specified page in the PDF file or from all or part of the attached PDF underlay.

These are just a few of the exciting new features within AutoCAD 2017 and AutoCAD LT 2017. If you’d like to see a brief overview of these features watch this YouTube video:

Don’t forget to make sure that your system meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements before you install:

 System Requirements for AutoCAD 2017

 System Requirements for AutoCAD LT 2017