AutoCAD - Field with Layout Tab Name

Jason Porter

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Are you one of those companies who names their layout tabs to reflect the actual sheet numbers?  Are you finding yourself updating layout tab names only to have to return to the layout to update the sheet number?  Are you not using the sheet set manager to manage the sheet numbers?  If so then, you may want to try using a field that reflects the layout tab name.  Here's an example . . .

Here I have a layout tab titled "A-1".  I'd like my title block sheet number to reflect that layout tab name:

So in the title block (either use the block editor or edit the title block prior to inserting it) I use the FIELD command to add a system variable ctab field:

Adjust the justification and height as needed, but when done you should have something similar to this:

Now (after you close the block editor and save changes or upon the insertion of the title block) you will see that your title block sheet reflects the layout tab name:

And it should follow throughout your project for any tab that uses this title block: