AutoCAD Plant 3D: The Ultimate Line List - Upcoming Webinar

David Wolfe

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We have an exciting webinar coming up on Aug. 22 on using P&ID Line Lists! A Line List can be hard to implement in piping design software.  Many times you end up with a list of line segments (3"-SC-1234, 4"-SC-1234, 6"-SC-1234, etc.). Also, you may not be able to get accurate To/From information for line termination points.  While presenting the entire report creator workflow, Applied Software will be showing several advanced Report Creator features from our customized report template.

Highlights included in our custom P&ID Line List (for Plant 3d) are overriding line from/to information, and using custom parameters to control output.  With these features, P&ID Line Lists no longer have to be a major headache to produce. In addition, everyone will read fresh information for their department reports.  Our webinar will show how to identify what information needs to be on a line list, and techniques to utilize when customizing your own line list. We hope you join us August 14 -- please click here to register.

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Override line From/To Information
Override Descriptions
Custom Parameters

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