AutoCAD Tip: Copy and Array (in one command)

Jason Porter

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Have you ever had the need to copy an object several times in one drawing?  Have you ever had to copy the same object several times, but need to keep it in line and spaced evenly?  Well, then you're the perfect candidate for this AutoCAD tip.  

Everyone reading this should already be familiar with the infamous AutoCAD COPY command.  Most of us just use the command and take the command for granted.  But if you read the command line closely you'll see a little gem waiting there for you to use.  So I'll let you know where the gem is in this sequence of events. . .

  1. Begin the COPY command
  2. Select the object to be copied
  3. Pick your base point
  4. NOW STOP RIGHT HERE AND READ THE COMMAND LINE.  There is an ARRAY option embedded within the COPY command:
  5. Click the Array option
  6. Begin to lay out your objects as needed

To see the command in action I've put together this short video (no audio):

[video width="854" height="458" mp4=""][/video]