AutoCAD Tip: Full of Sheet

Jason Porter

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Now that I have your attention. . .

I'm sure most of you out there have gone into paper space with your 24x36 (or any size) title block and have noticed that even though your sheet is the right size (say 24" by 36") you're stil missing part of your title block when you plot preview:

You may also notice that in your layout tab you see a dashed line around your border:

This is due to the fact that most printer/plotters automatically add the border around  your plot area to accommodate for 0.25" or 0.5" (or whatever they believe the plot area should be).  I prefer to manage my sheets myself though.  Let's be honest. . .paper is expensive, you've paid for it, and you want the ability to use all of it.

So in your plot dialog box select the printer you're trying to plot to.  In this example I'll use DWG To PDF.pc3 because I know we all have it.  Then click on the "Properties" button to access the plotter configuration editor:

In the "Plotter Configuratiion Editor", click on "Modify Standard Paper Sizes (Printable Area)".  Then find the paper size your attempting to use (the list may be long, depending on your plotter). Select your paper size and look below the list and you'll see your problem.  Even though you've got a 24X36 size sheet of paper the printable area is much smaller.  Click the "Modify" button:

in the "Custom Paper Size - Printable Area" dialog box change your top, bottom, left, and right values to 0.00.  This is the amount of paper not being used by the printer/plotter because it's automatically being cut off.  Click the "Next" button:

In the "Custom Paper Size - File Name" dialog box you can leave the file name as is and click next:

In the "Custom Paper Size - Finish" dialog box click the "Finish" button:

Click "OK" to exit out of the "Plotter Configuration Editor" and you'll be faced with the "Changes to a Printer Configuration File" dialog box.  You don't want to have to do this every time you plot so select the "Save changes to the following file" option.  Leave the destination path "as is" so that it will update you're printer/plotter settings.  Click "OK":

Now when you do your plot preview you'll see the rest of your border:

And in your layout tabs you'll see that there appears to be no more dashed lines.  Well, they actually moved to the extents of your sheet so you won't see them.

Happy plotting!