AutoCAD Tip: Ortho on the fly

Jason Porter

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Ever been drawing freely and you suddenly need to draw a line orthogonally, but you don't want to click on the ORTHO button in the tray and you don't want to bother with hitting the F8 button on the keyboard?

Well, you can accomplish an "on the fly" orthomode by using the SHIFT key. Here's how it works:

1. Begin your command. For this example I'll use the LINE command.
2. Click you start point
3. Move the mouse in the general direction you want to draw the line (do not press and drag the mouse).
4. Press and hold the SHIFT key. You'll see the line change to an orthogonal angle (0, 90, 180, 270).
5. Click where you want your second point to be.
6. Release the SHIFT key. Your now back to freehand drawing.