AutoCAD's Lesser Known Commands - SAVEALL and CLOSEALL

Jason Porter

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There are two AutoCAD commands that are not very well known that I thought I'd highlight in this short blog. . .SAVEALL and CLOSEALL. They are both very powerful commands that do exactly what their names portray.

SAVEALL: If you have several drawings open and need to save them all it's usually a pain to have to click on each tab and then save each one. This little command eliminates that need. In any open drawing simply type in SAVEALL and hit Enter. This command will instantly save all drawings that you have open in that session of AutoCAD. So if you have multiple sessions of AutoCAD open you will have to perform the command in each session.

CLOSEALL: Well, it does exactly that. . .it close all the drawings you have open for that session of AutoCAD. The command doesn't close AutoCAD. It simply closes all drawings and returns you to the Start tab. If you've not yet saved the drawing then you will be prompted to save for every drawing that will be closed. For that reason, I recommend using the SAVEALL command prior to using the CLOSEALL command.