Autodesk Application Manager is changing

Jason Porter

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We're beginning to receive quite a bit of calls and e-mails from users who are receiving pop-ups similar to this:

This is because the Autodesk Application Manager is being replaced with the Autodesk desktop app.  The application manager was installed when you installed your Autodesk software and can be used to automatically check for updates for your installed Autodesk software.  If you've been using it then you will need to update to the desktop app if you still would like to receive updates.  If you've not been using it then you can simply ignore the update and, I assume, it will no longer receive update notifications from Autodesk.

The desktop app will do all that the application manager did along with some really useful new features such as:

  • Watch videos catered to specific software (AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, etc.)
  • Read articles trending about specific software
  • Access alternative methods of finding help and resources

To learn more about the Autodesk desktop app read this:  About Autodesk desktop app