Autodesk CFD - Oh... you want it to WORK? Why didn't you say so?

Matt Dillon

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Today I decided it was a good day to try to start learning something new. Simulation is getting to be a bigger and bigger deal with Building Information Models. I downloaded and installed Autodesk CFD 2016 from our subscription site, and our IT Director got a license file and added it to our existing license file on the server. Upon launching CFD I got this lovely message:

Yes, Virginia - it happens to us, too...

The first step whenever you have an issue with a network license is to make sure the license manager is actually issuing the license. And it was. I then made sure I had actually downloaded and installed the correct CFD product (there's only about a bazillion of them). I had.

I'm running a bunch of other software off of that same license server, but I borrow the licenses so I can be disconnected from the network and still work. As a test, I returned one of the licenses, then launched the product for which I had returned the license. I was able to get a license with no issues whatsoever.

So... to recap:

1) Was the license manager issuing the license? Yes.

2) Had I installed the correct product? Yes. (And I even uninstalled and reinstalled in case I had accidentally incorrectly entered the Host ID of the license server).

3) Was my computer communicating with the license manager? Obviously - I was able to get other licenses with no issues.

Then I noticed the actual error code. I hadn't recalled seeing that particular one before, so I looked it up: "No such feature exists." Horsehockey! It's right there in the license file - I saw it!

Fortunately, Google does Madness. I found this article on Autodesk's "Up and Ready" blog.

To summarize, apparently you need ANOTHER license as well - the "Design Study Environment", which allows you to run the user interface as well as the solver, because...well.. I don't know... I mean... when I buy a car, I don't need to make sure it comes with tires. It's kind of assumed that I want it to move...

At any rate... make sure you get your license file for BOTH Autodesk CFD and the Design Study Environment. No, you don't need to install or purchase the Design Study Environment separately - that comes with Autodesk CFD.

Makes perfect sense, right? Right?