Autodesk License Manager Installation Guide

Jason Porter

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We here at Applied Software take many support calls from users who need help installing their network based software. We are always happy to assist, but there are times when companies decide it's best to install their network software and we are just not available (nights, weekends, holidays).

Autodesk has a couple of videos to assist you in our absence. The one that I think best explains the process is the  Setting up the Network License Manager for Autodesk Products video.  Though this video is a little dated, the material (at the time of this blog) pertains to the current software.  The process of installing the license manager hasn't changed much through the years.  Also, remember that with each release of Autodesk software requires a newer version of the license manager.  That newer version ships with the software on the install media.
If you prefer to not watch a video and want a step by step walk through I recommend process laid out by the folks at the Being Civil blog titled " Setting up the License Manager in 7 easy steps".

Note: To speed up the process I recommend obtaining your license from Autodesk at least a day before you plan the installation.  Use the How to Obtain a Network License File from Autodesk technical document to assist you with this.