Autodesk License Service – 5.1.5 HotFix

Jason Porter

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Users of Autodesk 2018 products who are running single-user subscriptions may experience intermittent crashes.

The crash occurs when it has been 24 hours or more since the last successful authorization check.

What exactly does that mean?  For term licenses, Autodesk products periodically do an authorization check via the internet to verify a license is still valid.  Normally, when a user has not internet service (for example, working remotely) the license is valid for 30 days with no internet connection.  Eventually, the user will be notified they need to connect to the internet to verify their license (this happens about 7 day prior to the license timing out and becoming invalid).

Currently some users are experiencing the time out only 24 hours after no internet connection.  To resolve this users need to install the Autodesk License Service – 5.1.5 HotFix 1.  This fix needs to be installed by May 31.  This can be found directly within the Autodesk Desktop App:

If users doesn’t have access to the Autodesk Desktop App then they can download the HotFix here:  Product crash when communicating with Licensing Server - Hotfix

You can read more about the issue in this Autodesk document: AutoCAD Critical Update Customer Communication May 2017.pdf