Autodesk, where are my software, serial number, and product keys?

Jason Porter

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So where do you go to find your software, serial numbers, and product keys? The answer is simple . . . in your Autodesk Account. If you are the contract manager or software coordinator for you company you will find it all there.

Once you are in your Autodesk Account, you can easily find your serial number for you respective software by clicking on the software chevron and exposing
the numbers:

For more information on this Autodesk had created a technical document titled Finding Your Serial Number and Product Key in your Autodesk Account.

Now that you know where to find your serial numbers and product keys, where is your software? Remember, since Autodesk provides all their software via
download methods you are no longer going to be receiving the install media in the mail because the requests for media are no longer free.

There are three methods to download your software and they can all be read about in depth in Autodesk’s About Download Methods document.

The three methods are

  • Install Now
  • Download Now
  • Browser Download

I recommend the browser download method since we’ve come to find it the most reliable.  However, it is the longest method of download. For
information on how to use the browser download method I recommend you read Autodesk’s Using the Browser Download Method for Autodesk Account document.

There is also a fourth option that is rarely discussed . . . the Autodesk Virtual Agent. If you don’t have access your Autodesk Account, then you can use the Autodesk Virtual Agent to download your software. There two warnings you need to be aware of about this method though. . .

  1. You will not find your serial numbers within the Autodesk Virtual Agent. If need be, you can contact your re-seller for this information as well.
  2. Usually the most current software takes a bit longer to hit the virtual agent than it does to hit your Autodesk Account.