Backup Failure After Vault Upgrade 2017 with Impersonation

Dave Morse

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While recently assisting a client with a vault upgrade, we came across an issue that caused a problem when backing up the vault, and I thought it was important enough to write about in order to save you the time and frustration of trying to discover the issue.

We had completed the upgrade process from Vault Professional 2015 SP2 to Vault Professional 2017 without any hitches. Our next step was to perform a backup of the vault prior to installing the Vault 2017 Hotfix 1.  We received the following error when attempting the backup:

Figure 1: Vault Backup error Access to the path is denied.

The path that was being denied was the path listed in the Shared Path location in the Advanced Settings dialog box. We spent time checking the path and verifying that we had proper read/write access to the path in question.

Figure 2: The Share Path is found in Tools > Administration > Advanced Settings.

This path was set in the 2015 vault, because it is necessary to configure a shared network folder as a transition area between a remote SQL instance and the Autodesk Vault Server. What we finally figured out (and hope to save you the time of scratching your head) was that the vault installation had changed the impersonation account from the domain account having the proper access, to a local account of the same name, which did not have proper access.

Figure 3: The User Name was changed to a local account with no read/write access to the Shared Path.

So, the fix is quick and easy.  Simply change the impersonation name back to the original (in our case it was a domain account).  Here’s an example of how the user account was changed: the original account was DOMAIN\acct. The upgrade process renamed the account to COMPUTER\acct. Renaming the account back to DOMAIN\acct and then re-running the backup fixed the issue.  I hope this has helped you, but if your issue is slightly different or doesn’t get resolved from the above, we can help you.