Basic Maintenance to Ensure Smooth Sailing

Jason Porter

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There are times when you'll be working in a drawing and you find that it's slow to navigate (pan and zoom), save, or just simply work in the file.  Before you do your best Bruce Lee impression on the system you might want to try one these recommendations. . .

  • Clean the file.  Use the PURGE command to take out any unnecessary data. Then run the -PURGE (note the dash) command and remove any and all registered applications (REGAPPS). This -PURGE is the only way to remove REGAPPS:

    Then run an AUDIT on the file.  After that, I'd shut down the file and run a RECOVER on it.  If you have xrefs in the file then I'd run a RECOVERALL.  A RECOVERALL will clean the main file and proceed to open and clean any xrefs that are associated with that file.
  • If the above suggestions don't work then you may want to clean up your system.  First empty out your recyle bin.  To do this, find your Recycle Bin icon on your desktop and right click on it.  There is an option there to "Empty Recyle Bin":

    Then I'd clean out my temp folder.  To do this, launch Windows Explorer (or File Explorer).  Then, in the address bar, type in %TEMP% and hit ENTER:

    Select one file and then use CTRL+A to select all the files.  Press the DELETE button.  This is only a temporary folder and therefore there is nothing in here that is needed.  If a software is currently writing to that folder then there are items in there that cannot be deleted.  Just skip over them.

I recommend cleaning up your system at least every two weeks. Don't be afraid, I've never heard of any harm coming from cleaning up a system.