BIM Requirements for Owners

Michael Zeeveld

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Architects, Engineers and Contractors may cringe at the idea of some sort of rules, guidelines, requirements or specifications that insists they conduct or deliver their work in a specific way that the owner has predetermined. From the onset the resistance can be obvious, but once these “requirements” are explained and gone over, the parties involved come to realize they are performing several of the items already. Below is an excerpt from one of our BIM Requirement documents.

BIM Requirements Overview

The intent of these requirements is to create a prescriptive framework with which Building Information Modeling (BIM) enabled teams will coordinate with THE CLIENT, and other applicable groups on requirements to being BIM compliant. This document will allow all stakeholders to weigh the importance of each requirement on a per-project basis. Through this collaborative effort, a final project-based set of requirements and corresponding BIM Execution Plan will be issued based on whatever level of BIM proficiency it is determined is necessary for a given project.

THE CLIENT requires that all design and construction deliverables for certain new construction projects be created and derived from building information models, and expects that data associated with the installed components of these facilities be reconciled and validated with the construction deliverables. The criteria for which projects will be done using BIM will be based on project size and scope, and will be by mutual agreement between THE CLIENT and Architect/Engineer/GC.