New Features in BIM 360 Glue 2017 v4.5

Rabi Sidawi

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A little known enhanced feature of BIM 360 Glue latest version (2017  v4.5) is how to easily setup elements of a BIM model to be shared with BIM 360 Field.

An element in BIM 360 Glue can be shared and linked with BIM 360 Field with a simple procedure. After linking the model, you can create an Equipment Set of the mechanical features in the BIM 360 Glue model. The BIM 360 Field share icon will turn orange if any of the models in your project are currently being shared with BIM 360 Field.   When you mouse over the orange icon, a pop up window will open, indicating the current version being shared.  

In order to link a mechanical equipment, for example, that can be accessed later in BIM 360 Field, you will have to create an Equipment Set. When you add an element to an Equipment Set in BIM 360 Glue, all items with the same type names will automatically be added to the same equipment set. Right-click on one item in the model, and from the drop-down, select Create Equipment Set. Give this element a name that relates directly to its content. All of the same elements in the model will be highlighted and will be added into a new equipment set. When this model is linked to a BIM 360 Field account, this equipment set will be accessible in BIM 360 Field as well.

When a contractor adds information to the equipment set in the field, the updated information added in BIM 360 Field will be dynamically be linked to this equipment set in BIM 360 Glue. To view the equipment sets in this model, select the same element again in the model, right-click and select View Equipment Sets. The Equipment Sets dialog appears again with a listing of all the equipment sets created in the model.

Review what has been added or modified in BIM 360 Field, by selecting the item again in the model, right-click and select View Properties.