Bulk-Editing Radial Column Grids

Matt Dillon

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A customer recently called with an interesting problem. He had several radial column grid lines that didn't all extend through all of his levels. He was faced with having to create a section or elevation that was perpendicular to each and every one of them to adjust them. This was a big project so we're talking about a LOT of sections and elevations! Instead, I suggested he try using Scope Boxes to resolve the problem:

  1. In a plan view, create a scope box that encompasses all of the grid lines.
  2. Edit the scope box visibility so that it is visible in at least one elevation view.
  3. In that elevation view, drag the shape handles of the scope box to include all levels in which you want the grids visible.
  4. Select the grid lines and assign them to the scope box.

Viola. Problem solved!