CADmep Annotation Leaders

Lyle Janda

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One of the most common support issues I run across in CADmep®, is not being able to see Leaders. Within CADmep® and AutoCAD®, there are three settings that need to be configured to display or customize leaders and arrowheads.

Note: This applies to Number Text, Size Text, Level Text and Offset Text located in the Main Database>Takeoff>CAD Settings>Annotation.

1.  In CADmep®, go to Main Database>Takeoff>CAD Settings>Annotation

2.  Under Number Text>Text Style type in the Text Style Name.

i. Example: Text Style=Tags

3.  At the command line type STYLE to open the Text Style dialogue box.

i. Select New to create a new Text Style. Name the Text Style the same as the Text Style example in step 2. Click Apply

4.  At the command line type DIMSTYLE to open the Dimension Style Manager dialogue box.

i.  Select New. Name the Dimension Style the same as the Text Style example in step 2. Click Continue

ii.  Select Symbols and Arrows. This tab will allow you to modify the Arrowheads, Leader and Arrow size along with other settings.

5.  Select a CADmep® item from the service palette and place it into the AutoCAD® model space. Select the Number button located on the Text Utilities Fly-out button on the toolbar.

6.  Select the Item and hit the Enter key on the keyboard to place the number tag on the item.