Can't Access Online Map Data

Jason Porter

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In Civil 3D 2015, you are signed into Autodesk 360, have a coordinate system set, and you are attempting to access online map data, but you get this message:

So you sign into "Account Settings" but there is not feature to set the entitlement to access online map data.

Here is how to resolve the issue:

1.  Launch Windows Explorer and type in %localappdata% in the address bar:

2.  Delete "Web Services" folder.
3.  Close and relaunch your application.
4.  Sign in.

In some cases the solution has been to delete the AdSyncCache.db file from the Autodesk 360 Sync folder: C:UsersAppDataLocalAutodeskAutodesk Sync

Here is it discussed further in one of the Autodesk Discussion forums: Can't Sign In/Out of 360