Can't Define My Query

Jason Porter

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I just got off the phone with a user who's having this exact issue.  I too was having it so I thought it might be something that you all need to know.

So you've installed Civil 3D 2015 and ready to chug away.  You begin by importing some GIS dat through using the Map 3D tools.  Now you want to query that data in.  Problem. . .you select define query and everything is prompted at the command line.  you verified the system variables FILEDIA and CMDDIA are both set to 1, but it still doesn't work.

This may be happening because your Civil 3D profile somehow does not include the Map support folders in the search path.

To fix this. . .

  1. On the command line type _OPTIONS
  2. Go to the Files tab and expand the section Support File Search Path
  3. Add the path : C:program filesautodeskautocad 2015mapsupporten-us
  4. Apply, and close the OPTIONS dialog box
  5. Restart Civil 3D (a restart IS needed)

This is an issue and solution I found on the Autodesk Knowledge Network.  The document can be found here:  Missing dialog box when doing a Map Query in Civil 3D 2015