Change the Frequency!

Jason Porter

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I’ve had many people in the past ask about how to turn off those pesky corridor frequency lines. Most people just want to know what layer they’re on so they can turn it off:

Well it’s not as simple as one layer. See, when you create your corridor it uses a code set style to determine how your links, your points, and your shapes appear in the drawing. Notice that I said code SET. Yup, it’s a set of styles that make up these components. Therefore each style has its own layer to manage. So the answer to which layer it is that needs to be turned off is somewhere in the ballpark of about 20 or so layers.

The best way to manage this is to create a “No Show” code set. Select your corridor and go into the corridor properties. Navigate to the “Codes” tab. By default the out of the box set is “All Codes”.

Select the “Copy Current Selection” option:

Rename the code set to “No Show”:

Navigate to the “Codes” tab. Here you will see that each link, point, and shape have a style:

Select the link style (in this example it’s “Basic”), and select “Copy Current Selection”:

Rename the Link Style to “No Show:

Navigate to the “Display” tab and turn off the visibility of the link:

Click “OK” to return to the “Pick Link Style” dialog box, and click “OK” to return to the “Code Set Style” dialog box. In the “Code Set Style dialog box, under the “Links” section, select the top link,

hold your SHIFT key and select the last link in that section:

Select one of the styles in the list (in this example I selected “Base”) and edit the style:

You will see that all the styles are now set to “No Show”:

Repeat the process for the Point styles. However, you don’t have to make a “No Show” style. There is already a “_No Markers” style in the list:

And for the Shape styles there is a “_No Shading” style as well:

However, I’ve not seen any changes in my plan view drawings when I change the Shape style to “_No Shading”.

When it’s all said and done you’re corridor will be there but then you will not see the frequency lines. If you need to edit the corridor you must select it from the Prospector tab: