Civil 3D 2016 Service Pack 1. . .It's Here!!!

Jason Porter

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If you're running the Autodesk Application Manager then today you may have noticed that Service Pack 1 for Civil 3D has been released.

If you're not using the Autodesk Application Manager I highly encourage you to do so.  As of right  now, I could not find a link on the Autodesk website for the service pack.  So far it has only been released via the application manager.  As soon as there is a live link released I'll update this post with it.

Prior to the release of the service pack there were some ugly issues with structures in a pipe network not appearing correctly.  I just checked and it appears to have been resolved.

Remember, if you installed the service pack beta edition, you must first uninstall that one prior to installing this one.

As always, test and verify in your environment prior rolling out any newer software and uninstalling all your older software.

Update (8/4/2015):  Here is the link to Civil 3D 2016, Service Pack 1