Civil 3D Templates. . .Quick and Easy!

Jason Porter

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For years I've been assisting people with learning Civil 3D and working with them as they build their templates.  I've been asked many times, "How much will it cost me to have you build my company template?'  I have a couple of issues with this question though.  Grant it, for a fee, we can do that for you, but there are a couple things that I need anyone to consider before we go down this road. . .

  1. If I build your company template then whenever there are modifications needed then you're at my mercy.  Simply put. . .you will not be very familiar with how to navigate around and find your style and/or setting and that means if I'm not in the office, on vacation, or if it's a weekend, you'll have to wait until I return to get your answer on the, "where/how do I modify this," question.
  2. If I build a company template I will only be able to build about 80% of your styles.  Why?  Because there is no possible way that I can think of every situation that you will come across in which a special style is needed.  Styles are a constantly evolving animal.  There will always be modifications needed for special issues.  And that takes us back to the point number 1.
  3. If you build your template then you are the master of your domain.  You learn how to manage and manipulate the settings and when the time comes for you to make updates you are more in the know of where to find the settings.  Yes, there are times that you may need further assistance, but overall you'll know the just of how to find what you need.
  4. If you know how to build a couple of object and labels styles you pretty much figure out how to do the rest.  They all follow a similar format and formula.

To better assist you in creating your company Civil 3D templates, Jeff Bartels, Infrastructure Technical Specialist at Autodesk and an all-around great guy, put these two videos together.  He covers quite a bit in such a short amount of time.  I guarantee that you'll find this informative.

Creating Styles and Templates Part 1:

Creating Styles and Templates Part 2: