Civil 3D - What I Learned Today - Custom Arrowheads

Brian Hailey

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Using the Multileader or Dimensions in AutoCAD, you can create a custom arrowhead and use that instead of the default ones that ship with the software. When setting up a style in Civil 3D, you are stuck with the default ones, there's no option for using a custom one.

There is a trick, however. If there's an arrowhead that you know you will never use, simply edit that block!

In the following image, I set the arrowhead for my General Note label to use the Architectural Tick arrowhead but I had already edited it and added in a few circles.


The block that I edited was called, "_ArchTick".

Arch Tick

One thing to note (and I just found this out as I was writing up this blog post), the block won't be available to edit until at least one label style is using the arrowhead.

Pretty cool stuff! I love learning new things!