Common Mistakes on Network Installs

Jason Porter

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Through the years of doing tech support I've noticed some common mistakes that some users have made that hinder their network installs of their Autodesk software. I've compiled a list here in attempt to help you not to make the same mistakes.

Not taking the time to understand the installation process

Most network install mistakes can be avoided if users just took the time to read through the network installation documents provided with the software, read some of the technical documents located on the Autodesk website, watched some of the videos located on the Autodesk website, or just called us in advance for some guidance.

Install as standalone software and then try to convert to network

This typically happens when the user has standalone software and then decides to convert all their standalone software to network. Unfortunately, the only way to convert any standalone software to a network based software is to uninstall it and reinstall it as network based software.

Another common scenario this may happen is when a user downloads a 30-day trial of the software and then receives their  serial number and license file later.  When a user installs a 30-day trial it installs as a standalone version of the software.

Install the software and activate on the server

I've seen some instances when a user installs their software on the server thinking that somehow this is a deployment image that others can click on to install on their systems locally.

Install the Autodesk license manager on the work station rather than the server

Sadly, I see this more than I'd like to admit.  Remember its the server that will hold the license manager and the license file so that it can distribute the licenses to users as needed.  If you install the license manager on a work station then that work station better also be the acting server.  And if you do run a work station as a server, then please don't shut down the workstation otherwise others will not be able to run their software.

Use an older version of the Autodesk license manager

With every release of Autodesk software there is a new release of the Autodesk license manager.  You cannot use last year's license manager to run this year's software.  Newer license managers can run older software, but older license managers cannot run newer software.

Don't install to the recommended default install location

Technically, if you're a savvy IT person and are very good at keeping track of where you put things this is not an issue.  But for the average individual who doesn't need to be fancy with their installs it is recommended to take the default location of the license manager install and the default configurations within the license manager.  I've seen users who configure the heck out of it and cannot remember where they've placed things.  They then call us for support and expect us to know how they configured it.

Use the incorrect serial number

Last year's serial number will not work with this year's.  There is a new serial number with every release.  Also, the serial for a product purchased individually will not activate the same product that is in a design suite, and vice versa.  For example, AutoCAD is in all the design suites, but a user can purchase a single license of AutoCAD without a design suite.  This does not mean that the user can pop in the media for the design suite and install AutoCAD with their newly purchased individual AutoCAD serial number.  The software in the design suites are coded so that they all work together and are expecting to be activated with a design suite serial number.

Don't upgrade the license file

Just like last year's serial number will not work with this year's software, the same goes for the license file.  You'll need to obtain a new license file for the install of any newer software.  Yes, you can still use your older software (so long as you remain on subscription).  Remember, your current license file allows you to run your current software plus three versions back.

Attempt to move license file from old server to new server

So the company is retiring an older server for the newer, better, faster one. . .great!  However, you cannot simply take your old license file and carry it over to the new server and expect it work fine.  As a matter of fact it will not work at all.  The reason is because when you requested the license file from Autodesk had to provide your server information.  That license file is technically married to that server.  It's in the code of the license file.  You must obtain a new license file for your new server.