Complex Routing in AutoCAD Plant 3D - #2

Scott Hallmark

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Resting Pipe on Steel Members or other objects can be difficult unless you know the tricks.

Here is the scenario:
Horizontal route needs to turn down vertically and then needs to turn horizontally to lie across steel.

To route this pipe, you will want to continue the pipe run by selecting the pipe and then the + at the
end of it.  You will pull down seeing an elbow in the route.

You will need to set the routing line to BOP.  You will find this in the ribbon (Home tab, Routing &
Elevation panel)

Use the .X point filter to select the top of steel that you want the pipe to lie across

Select the Steel member’s top edge and notice that the pipe will not travel past the steel when you
pull in that direction.  Make sure your Ortho (F8) is turned on.  You will also notice that the red line
should be on the BOP and not on the COP.

Change your PLANE (compass) to a horizontal configuration to get the pipe to lie across the steel.

If it is not changed, the COP will still be on the TOS.  When you pull in the direction of the steel, you

will see the pipe lying on the TOS.

Lastly, pick or enter the length of the pipe you desire and see the results.   Your BOP should be the
same as the TOS and you were able to do this without knowing the TOS elevation

More complex routing to come!  I will also be teaching this and other "Tricks of the Trade" at
Autodesk University this year!
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