Converting AutoCAD for Mac to AutoCAD for PC

Jason Porter

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We recently had a pickle of a support issue that I felt needed to be shared with everyone.  Upon the time Autodesk announced that they were no longer going to be selling perpetual licenses we had many people run out and purchase some for future use.  We had a company purchase several licenses of AutoCAD for Mac.  Recently, they decided to install the software on a system, but they wanted to know if it was possible to install it on a PC instead.

According to this document, Windows and Mac Cross-Platform Licensing for AutoCAD, it’s possible:

The problem we had was that we attempted several installs using the correct serial number and the product key for the PC.  It appeared as though the software was treating the activation as a term license though and wanted the user to login.  But that was not correct.  It should have worked.  Well, after some back and forth with Autodesk and our support team we were at our wits end.  Then someone decided to just attempt to install it on the PC with the AutoCAD for Mac product key and it worked.  We were all perplexed by this because it’s, technically, not supposed to activate in this manner.

So if you decide to install your AutoCAD for Mac on a PC and you are running into activation issues this may be the solution for you.