Converting Plant 3D projects to Vault projects

Scott Hallmark

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You have created your project(s) and have been working for months or years in Plant 3D.  The IT director comes in and says, "We are going to Vault Professional!"  As a designer, you may be thinking sarcastically, "Oh great, something else to learn..." or you may be thinking, "We need something like this to help secure our projects and make horizontal workshare a real possibility!"  You would be right on both thoughts.  There are many advantages to making the move to Vault Professional in regards to AutoCAD Plant 3D, and we can help you explore those benefits.  But you more than likely will have several projects you are already working on that will need to be moved to this new Vault.  It is really an easy task and here are the steps.

In Plant 3D, open the project you want to convert.  Do not open any of the drawings.  From the command line, type in PLANTPROJECTTOVAULT.  You will see the following dialog box asking you to enter in Vault and SQL information.

After selecting "Start" you will see the following dialog box indicating the process is underway.  Just sit back a few minutes and let it run.

Once completed, you will be able to check in and out drawings from the project with the appropriate credentials set up in Vault.  If you are curious about how Vault and Plant 3D work together, please do not hesitate to contact us for a discovery call.  There is an explicit methodology of working with Plant 3D and Vault concurrently so be sure to reach out to us.