Costing Features in CADmep 2014

Lyle Janda

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With the 2013 release of Autodesk Fabrication CADmep, some costing features were removed from the program but there are still some useful costing tools left. The costing features in CADmep are not a substitute for ESTmep but rather a tool for quick reporting, cost break down and CSV exporting within CADmep. Let’s look at the available costing features in CADmep 2014.

1.      In the main database, select the Costing Tab.

  • Here you have access to Wastage, Fabrication Times, Installation Times and Labor Rates. Notice you do not have access to Price List. You will need ESTmep to setup the Costing properly and I do not recommend trying to use CADmep as your Estimating software but as a tool for quick reference.
  •  If working on a shared database with ESTmep users, before making any changes to Costing in CADmep, check with the Estimating Department. All changes made in CADmep will affect ESTmep.

2.      Located under the Fittings Icon, select Connectors.

  • Select the Costing icon next to the Manufacturing and Drawing icon.
  • Double click on the desired connector. The Costing tab gives the user the ability to set the Fabrication Rate, Installation Rate and Ancillaries to a specific connector.
  • This applies to Facings, Seams, Connectors, Stiffeners, Splitters, Vanes, Supports and Ancillaries.

3.      Cost Breakdown – Shows a breakdown of cost for selected items.

  • Type the command COSTBD in the command line and select the desired object.

4.      CSV Export – Costing data can also be exported via CSV file.

  • Shift/Right Click menu Export>Item Data or type the command CSVEXPORT.