Counting the ways to Draw a Line

Dennis Howell

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In training classes I am always saying there are 5 or more ways to access the command for "<enter a command here>".  The AutoCAD GUI has multiple redundancies for every command.  So, I thought, how many ways other than the GUI is there available in AutoCAD to just draw a LINE.  This isn't a comprehensive list by any means:

  1. Enter at the Command Line, either "L" or "LINE", uppercase/lowercase doesn't matter.  Then follow the prompts picking points.  But as well, LINE could be selected from the Draw panel on the Ribbon as well as the Draw Tool Palette.  So, would that count as four ways?
  2. Script (SCR):  Note the location of the cursor, a <RETURN> initiates the entry.  A script file could be created that would follow the same as the Command Line entry.  The only difference could be introducing some AutoLISP calls...which leads us to the next way.
  3. AutoLISP would have two ways, depending on the level of AutoLISP you want to write.
  5. VBA: Still supported but does require the VBA Enabler to be installed onto AutoCAD.                                                                                                                     
  6. And the yet another way, with any of the .NET languages.  In this example, I am using C#.NET                                                                                                           

There you have it, on top of the AutoCAD GUI, several other methods for adding drawing a LINE in AutoCAD.