Creating a Custom Revision Scheme Format in Vault

Dave Morse

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In this post, we will explore the steps to creating a custom Revision Scheme and applying it to an existing Revision Scheme Definition.  Make note, we are not going to define a new Revision Scheme, but are creating a new Scheme Format only, and applying that to an existing definition.  To start, click on the Tools tab > Administration > Vault Settings. In the Vault Settings dialog box, select the Behaviors tab > Revisions...  button.  In the Revision Scheme Definitions dialog box, first select the Standard Numeric Format (or whichever definition Scheme Format you want to change).

Next, select the Edit… button at the top of the dialog box.  In the next dialog box, you can make modifications to Standard Numeric Format, such as the Definition Name, Description, Category assignment, and Scheme Values.  Select the Scheme Format button on the right, and be sure to highlight Numeric. For this example, Click Copy…

In the List Scheme Format dialog box, rename the scheme (ex: Tooling).  The list of Scheme Values is listed on the left. In this example, we are going to modify the values by adding a value.  Click the Add button and add a new value, typing 0 (zero).  Next, use the Move Up button to move it to the top and finally, select Set as Default to make 0 (zero) the default value. Click OK.

Back in the Revision Scheme Definition dialog, we can now change the values from Numeric to Tooling.  To do this, simply click in the Value cell to the right of each of the Scheme Format Type cells (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary), and select Tooling from the drop down list.  Click OK.

Finally, click OK to dismiss the rest of the dialog boxes, and you are all set.  You can now apply your revision scheme to your files and the new Tooling Scheme Values will be applied.  Happy Vaulting!